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Recent Restoration and Relocation Projects

This is my latest and greatest project. This is a 1773 roadhouse built by John Taylor. It is one of the largest non-partitioned log structures we ever saw and we have spared no expense in bringing this back to its very German glory. It was moved from a very bad site where it had been worked over by vandals and graffiti "artists." I expect to be done sometime before the end of 2010. Then I will begin building the Gristmill.

1773 Roadhouse 1773 After Relocation

After partial restoration of 1773After Partial Restoration of 1773 Tavern


This is the late 18th Century hous of John Brubacker, the founder of the Brethren Church in Central Pennsylvania. Every log, stone, and pane of glass were numbered. The house was completely disassembled, repaired, and reassembled. It was restored to how it would have appeared in 1860. These pictures were taken the day the restoration was completed. The home owner has since added stairs, landscaping, and outdoor lighting himself.

Before relocation and restorationAfter relocation and restoration

Central FireplaceFoyer



This is a good example of a more modest log house from the 1870's. I relocated and faithfully restored this house to its original condition; including windows and millwork. Then we playfully enhanced it with a more modern style of cabinetry and decking. Giving it the character it always had as a beloved homestead.

Pre-restoration and relocation of the frameExterior Restored

DeckRestored Interior



This house is a good example of how mixing a good 1805 oak log house with an 1816 timber frame can create a gorgeous home. I built the stone foundation from both frames and roofed this frame as it is seen here. The owner wanted to try his hand at finishing the house himself. The owner was the late actor Barry Nelson.

Before Restoration

After Restoration

Barry Nelson project - timber frame prior to restoration.
Barry Neslon restoration - hewn log frame before restoration.
Barry Nelson project at mid point of restoration.
Barry Nelson project- restoration nearing completion


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